Last Wednesday, folks from the community got a chance to attend a session by Rahul Jha, a senior, and a highly inspiring individual.

The session was aimed at gaining deeper insights of the tech world, open source in particular.

It started with a simple thing. We were asked to give simple thoughts on one of the following three things – engineering, fun, and mentorship.

As it turned out, we had some great answers from the audience, which were discussed in great depth.

Next series of topics was focused on contributing to open source softwares. He shared with us some of his efforts during his journey in Google Summer of Code 2017 and 2018, and also acquainted us with the know-hows of applying to an organization in GSoC.

A key take away for me (and I believe, for pretty much all of us) was the habit of frequent Googling, or if you say, Ducking. I could've used the word “searching”, but that would tie up one end of this topic. We learnt the differences in searching using Google, and searching using one of it's alternative – DuckDuckGo, with regards to both privacy and precision (precision of finding answers to tech-related questions).

The session concluded with a common, but powerful word of advice – not to give up. We were prevised that contributing to open source softwares can be hard, but we were also motivated to not give up until the goal yields.